What the heck is this? To be honest, I don't know much about it yet. It's a 1978-or-so Suzuki GT380 that has been fitted with a bodykit produced by Paul Dunstall of Dunstall Norton fame. If you have a closer look at the lines of the fairing, you'll notice the similarity. Similar bodykits were also produced for the GT750 "kettle" and from what I understand the latter is actually quite sought after. Nevertheless, the kit itself is pretty rare.

A few pictures in 'as received' condition. The bike definitely needs a good clean as it appears to have languished somewhere rather damp for some time. It's got a fair amount of surface corrosion on the alloy and on the remaining chrome bits, but underneath that and the dirt it's actually running quite well.

I actually sold the bike on shortly after I bought it. It was in decent enough condition but I knew I would have ended up rebuilding it anyway, so I sold it while I was still able to control the urge. However, given that most people I've spoken to have never come across one of these I decided to leave what few photos I have avalable on this page.