West Coast Salvage

Based in Southport, Merseyside. Seem to have quite a decent stock of SOB parts lurking around.

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Hawkshaw Motorcycles

Lots of new and used Brit spares. Also what seems to be a nice selection of old Jap spares as well. Based in Blundellsands, Merseyside.

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Bridge Road Motorcycles

Local shop to me. Great spares service. Been trading since the 1920s. Friendly staff and so far have not let me down on any spares required. Full set of carb jets and gaskets for a `76 CB200? Took them 3 days to order them in for me. Nice.

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Saftek From their website/advertising, they're manufacturing asbestos-free friction materials. One of the services offered is a relining service for classic car and bike brakes. Might be worth a try if you're stuck for parts. Don't know anyone who's used them, though. If anyone has and wants to share their experience, please get in touch.
HEL Perfomance Stainless steel brake lines for lots of different bikes. Again, this is one company I came across on the web, but have no first-hand experience of.
Vehicle Wiring Products Source of everything to do with, well, the sparky bits in your cage and on your bike. On of the few sources of proper non-insulated crimp connectors, which is great if you're suffering from Scotchblock allergy like I do.
Realclassic.co.uk Web "magazine" from the original original Classic Bike Guide team. Well, some/most of them anyway. Quite an entertaining read. Also has a classified section and is now trying to peddle a subscription for a paper-based magazine again.
Old Bike Mart Home page of 'Old Bike Mart', complete with a selection of adverts. Sightly less dangerous than buying the magazine as there are fewer ads online.
Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine concentrating on the bikes of the 1970s and 1980s. Fairly heavy Japanese bias for that reason.
The car battery FAQ More than you ever wanted to know about car-type (including bike) batteries.
How do oil filters work? Pretty comprehensive description of the inner workings (sic) of engine oil filters.