A few photos from the recent (October 2003) Classic Mechanics show in Stafford. As usual, all pictures link to even larger versions of the same...


Nice Barn Find, mate


TOG's probably still out looking for this particular barn. According to the bumf stuck to the bike, this is a TZ750D (probably even an OW31) that someone really found in a barn. Shown as found...


Moto Mental Martin

Recently featured in 'Classic & Motorcycles Mechanics', this is a Honda CBX1000 special, turbocharged and using a heavily modified Moto Martin frame.


Purple RD special

Another bike featured in C&MM, this is an RD400-based special.


Other snaps

TZ 750 barn find

Lozzo in his wilder days?

TZ 750 barn find

A very, very nice RD500 on a stand full of RD500s

TZ 750 barn find

Things you can do with a Kwaka Z1300. I'm not a big fan of chops/lowriders but this one was nicely executed.