Japanese bike links

David Silver Spares Supplier of NOS and pattern parts for Hondas. Fast, friendly service and knowledgable staff. If they don't have the parts you're after, you're in trouble...
CMS Another large supplier for older Honda parts in The Netherlands. Very friendly and helpful, quick replies to web enquiries. English spoken. Also, their website contains useful info like a model code list and a list of colour codes.
Sayonara Cycles German SOHC Honda specialist with a fairly large stock of used parts. Ordered a few parts from them. Quick service, but they don't take credit cards so you have do an international bank transfer to pay for the parts. Don't know if they do speak English but seeing that they get a lot of their stock from the US I assume they do.
Please note that the website is in German.
SOHC/4 SOHC/4 website and mailing list. Caters to all sizes of Honda SOHC four bikes.
Honda4fun Nice little site for the Honda sohc/4. In Italian, but service/parts/owners manual downloads (in English) in PDF format. Handy.
Link and description submitted by Loz H
How To Build a Honda CB350 Vintage Road Racer A pretty comprehensive article about building a CB350-based classic racer.
Honda 350 K website As the name implies, a website dedicated to the Honda CB350 K-series twins and their derivates like the CL350. Mainly useful anorak info, period photos and a couple recent ones, plus a wiring diagram.
bcchristian's CB450 K4 restoration pages Pretty comprehensive diary of a CB450 restoration.
VJMC (US) CB450 restoration Article about a CB450 restoration. Interestingly enough, same colour as mine...
Honda CB450 information website Website with information about the CB/CL450 models and the CB500T. Unfortunately the reference to the CB450 mailing list appears to be pointing to a non-working list.
Building the Henning AHMRA race engine An article about building a CB450-based race engine to compete in the AHMRA series. Interesting stuff, but most likely not applicable to your average road engine. Nevertheless it shows just how much power you can squeeze out of a CB450 engine if you really want to.