BMW link list

Lots of (ok, ok) links to other sites that have some kind of relation with BMW motorcycles.

The motorbike division of BMW obviously have a website, both in English and German.

Of course your nearest friendly BMW motorcycle dealer will happily service your bike, be it new or old. Oh, and charge you for the priviledge. Alternatively you can go to one of the many independent mechanics who specialise in BMW.

Euro-Classics Independent BMW specialist in Northampton, prefers 2V but will work on any BMW bike. My preferred mechanic even if it means I have to ride from London to Northampton to get the bike serviced!

Mostly UK suppliers with a couple of German-based ones as well. If I have used them then I'll specifically state this. Obviously I can't guarantee that any of them will offer the perfect service every time.

Motorworks BMW and Moto Guzzi parts, large stocks of used parts as well. Very knowledgeable and helpful on the phone. My usual parts supplier for anything BMW-related.

Another one of the big three UK spares suppliers. The catalogue lists more parts for older boxers (/5 and older), usually very quick to deliver stock items. Also with online catalogue and ordering. Again, a company I've used in the past for BMW parts that I wouldn't hesitate to use again.

They will ship internationally but the shipping costs are reputed to be rather high.

Boxerschmiede Berlin German supplier of BMW parts and conversions, like ignition systems, capacity enlargements etc. Website in German only. Haven't used them but they seem to have a decent reputation from what I can gather.
James Sherlock Another UK supplier of new and used spares and bikes.
Wunderlich Lots of aftermarket parts to modify and improve your BMW or Yamaha single. They also have a UK distributor with an online presence at However it seems that the UK distributor doesn't stock the complete product range.
HPN If you feel the need to go to Dakar in a hurry, these guys should be able to help. After all, they have built the BMW works desert racers for a long time. Lots of interesting parts and modifications. Also supply complete bikes but only for those with slightly deeper pockets...

Mainly known for uprated ignition systems for 2V boxers, also supplies lots of other tuning parts for them. Their speciality is to build improved ignition systems from (modified) BMW parts. Site in German only and I don't know if anybody who'd answer the phone there speaks English.

I've put his R1100 coil conversion on the R100GS I used to own and was well impressed. I've since ordered another of these kits for a mate of mine who also seems to be happy with it.

Silent Hektik Another company specialising in bike electrics. Amongst other parts they sell electronic regulators that do away with the diode board, ignition systems for dual plugging. Site in German.
Rabenbauer BMW Parts and bikes. Website in German.
Uli's Motorradladen Another German spares supplier specialising in classic BMW parts. From what I remember they've been around for ages. Never used them so I can't vouch for how good they are. Site in English and German.
UK BMW club The UK BMW bike club. Monthly magazine for members with lots of ads, runs, local meets etc. Also a nice website with a large classified ads section.
Airheads Big virtual and non-virtual club catering exclusively to the older aircooled boxers (type 247 et al). Runs a high traffic, very informative mailing list.
IBMWR The Internet BMW Riders - another "virtual" club based in the US and thus with a certain US-centric bias but both their Tech FAQs and mailing list are highly recommened. Between these guys and the airheads list, if your old Beemer is causing trouble and nobody has any suggestion, you're in real trouble.
UK GS website UK website for GS riders. Several active discussion forums.
Duane's bike pages Lots of very useful information about the restoration of older BMWs like the /2 and /5 models.
Boxer Forum German language web-based discussion forum for all kinds of BMW boxers and the F650 singles.
Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Ltd. Website of a US-based club catering to the owners of 'classic' BMW Motorcycles. Lots of technical information, especially for pre-/5 models.
5united Another virtual club, this one catering to /5 bikes.